Total Control 6.6.0 is released now! Top Speed,frame rate up to 60 fps.
Purchase channel: Easily upgrade to what you want from in-App purchase channel, support WeChat Pay and Alipay.

6.6.0 release notes
- Backup, Restore and Delete for Contact Information,SMS and Call log
- Increase professional trial (72 hours) function
- Increase "DirectX" or "OpenGL" mode, enhance software and computer compatibility, solve the problem of black screen window
- Optimize the mouse wheel: Page Up/Down, swipe left/right and scroll up/down
- Script Function
Better optimization scriptRun() and scriptKill()
New design running multiple scripts at the same time, different user login features
Added interface to get setup information
Increase access to the cursor position of the interface
Increase get the API of the interface
MDCC provides full / uncheck device selection when executing scripts
Provides pause and stop functions for script execution
Provides the interface to get the contents of the clipboard
Application of Baidu's text recognition
- Increase the screen capture saved in the phone
- Optimize the mouse wheel sliding effect
- Support for more keyboard
- Optimize the connection help tips
- Better support for English language
- MDCC: One key to screen shot to all mobile phones
- Optimize THA video and audio synchronization
- Save the connection record after WiFi connection, easy to connect again
- Optimize the multi-control center memory consumption problems, improve the number of devices and stability

6.5.5 release notes
- Support Android 8.1
- Allow to setup phone windows to be "always on top"
- Added script to get the language's interface
- Can resize the phone window in all edges
- Optimize the mouse wheel: Page Up/Down, swipe left/right and scroll up/down

6.5.4 release notes
- Push down wheel button to bring to Home screen
- Optimize the method of turning on the USB debugging
- Added script to get the language's interface
- Added script binding function via keyboard
- Ability to add scripts to run in the "preload" during installation or upgrade
- Tips for devices that do not support NVIDIA graphics cards
- Provide an/off checkbox to turn on/off brightness control functionality

6.5.3 release notes
- Increase MDCC groups from 3 to 5
- Ctrl+T to take screenshot
- Modify phone name in WDM
- Fix Bugs

6.5.1 release notes
- Optimizing screen recording function
Landscape and portrait, with same speed
Automatically switch to optimal mode when recording
- Improve landscape mode performance
- In THA, the audio should sync with the screen
- Android 8.0 (Oreo) support

6.5.0 release notes
- WiFi connection via QR Code
- Volume Control
- Coordinates click events optimized to improve clicking accuracy
- Added Sigma input to directly type into the phone
- Support transmission of sound through THA
- Added the screen transfer pause function
- Optimized connection speed and connection wizard
- Optimized screen transfer speed
- Bugs fixed

6.3.0 release notes
- MDCC support landscape
- Enhance the screen rendering speed, faster response, lower latency, lower CPU usage
- Provide a new input mode, mouse / keyboard response faster
- Script function optimization
Added script source code protection
Supports script event triggering
Support playback of single-device / multi-device options for playback
- Script API added
Supports simultaneous execution of multiple scripts
Better graphics seeking capability, can adapt to any resolutions
Add text recognition function/read Excel file content/stop the script (and trigger) execution

6.2.0 new features
- Support 100 devices
- Screenshots on all devices in Windows desktop mode
- Use mouse, keyboard or shortcut to control devices synchronously in Windows desktop mode
- Intelligent shortcuts input method
- Use mouse wheel and shift + to control devices synchronously
Sorting by dragging devices and do customizations
Modify group names
Group by shortcuts
Adjust device brightness
File synchronization to all devices
- Settings page enhancement
- Notifications: Messages delete, filter and sorting
- Notifications alert sound
- New APIs: Image recognition, device acquisition,device events, message handling and etc
- Add first time connection help
- Provide help button
- Add intelligent assistance while establishing connection and connection drop problems occurred
- New 3rd input method to improve responding speed
- Hardware acceleration to improve compatibility
- Support Android 7.0 and 7.1
- Price differences and algorithm display for upgrade
- Software performance optimization and bugs fix

6.1.1 new features:
New features
- Users can select if they want to remain staying in the Windows desktop or in MDCC
- Users can select if they want to remain staying in the Windows desktop or in MDCC
* Add confirmation box for phone reboot in MDCC
* Support one key to do screenshots on all devices in MDCC
* Support one key to switch all devices to Sigma input method in MDCC
* In notification center, clicks on message button, it will change the phone that relates to that message and start the application that related to that message
- Add mouse synchronization function while out of MDCC (ie users can use mouse to control multiple devices while out of MDCC.)
- Optimize screen display quality
- Optimize script API, more stable
- New script API

Bug Fix
- Fix the bug of failing to get screen data that caused by anti-virus software
- Fix the bug of low image quality while recording screen.

QQ Support Forums
* General Support: 430144224
* Professional Support: 111376115
* Scripting Support: 526267785

6.1.0 new features:
- New scripting language
- For some device, the driver could be install automatically
- Ability to send messages in one return
- Reboot now
- Optimize the adb conflict, more stable
- Support YunOS

- Include all features of Lite
- Multi-device Control Center
* Display multi-device’ screen with one monitor
* Support sorting devices
* Support devices group
* Allow to control main device separately, or sync mouse, keyboard and Fn shortkeys of main device to all selected devices
* Support batch install apps to selected devices
* Support reboot to all devices
* Support locate by splashing screen
* Support perform black screen to save device power
* Support to view information of all devices (including version, resolution, brand, model, manufacture, etc.)
* Support receiving notifications from devices
- Faster graphics for certain Windows 7 & 10

Pay Features
- Multi-device Control ( 60 )
- Multi-device Control ( 40 )
- Multi-device Control ( 30 )
- Multi-device Control ( 20 )
- Multi-device Control ( 10 )

Release Note
- For Windows XP, user must install the driver manually
- For YunOS, F12 dosen't work
- Keyboard and mouse synchronization only work in MDCC for Professional
- Mouse wheel synchronization is not support
- Multi-touch activity can't be recorded by script operation
- Fn shorcut key for file synchronization failed
- There has no wakeup button in MDCC, user can wakeup sleeping device by use Locate and Black Screen button
- Power save mode issue in Android6.0 for connection break up
- Quality setting ineffective in MDCC

6.0.1 bug fix and new features:
- More stable and more compatible connection
- Allows to upgrade Pay Features to control more devices
- Paste directly to device with Sigma Input
- Dedicate QQ forum for TC professional user to get special technical support

6.0.0 new features:
- Faster connection
- Support Android 6.0
- Better cut-n-paste
- Show 4 devices in main pane
- Better input mode and cut-n-paste
- Better picture quality in Comp Mode
- Support devices with identical serial numbers
- More phone support
- Be able to upgrade to Pro and pay feature

Professional features:
- Capture portion of screen and save to device
- Select different resolutions (720ppi*1280ppi is the default)
- Full screen zooming capability
- Show/Focus only portion of screen

Pay features(Note: only available on TC Professional):
- Multi-devices Control (10)
- Multi-devices Control (20)

5.5.1 main fixes and new features:
- Introduce the activitie of winning the red packets
- Add Comp Mode as a new compression mode, it is the best compatibility
- Support Android 6.0 Marshmallow (including X86)
- Support to copy screenshots to PC clipboard
- Fix the Bugs in old version
- Provide WiFi connection performance

5.3.1 main fixes and new features:
- User define the right mouse click functions
- Enable to accurately switch the input focus among multiple mobiles
- Fix the issue that MA cannot start x86 running on Android 5.0
- Fix the right mouse click no response issue on T2
- Fix the response latency on T1

5.3.0 main fixes and new features:
- Reduce the extra step of Java download and installation, new APK includes related Java
- Support multi-touch, to drag and zoom mobile phone screen with right mouse button
- Add a more compatible turbo mode(T1 is highest speed and T2 is best compatibility)
- Minimize system icon to tray with pressing of boss mode button
- Fix the issue of getting screen shortcut fail

5.2.3 main fixes and new features:
- Fix the bugs in old version
- Users to customize the first level menu
- Include version in phone information page ("i")
- Support more drivers on the Website
- Add one more item about copy-n-paste from phone to PC in navigation

5.2.2 main fixes:
- The APK issue
- The Client issue

5.2.1 main fixes:
- Mobile forced termination issue when connecting
- Mobile failed to be connected via password authentication in WIFI mode
- Blurred screen issue for several mobile models
- Mobile screen fails to synch up when connecting

5.2.0 features:
- Apply the latest image engine, more rapid and more clear
- Support Android 5.1
- Support X86 chipset phone
- When copy is done on phone, the data will move to Windows clipboard
- Can use mouse wheeler to scroll up/down of phone screen
- Dashboard design to help users to use some of TC features that are hard to grasp
- Optimize the setting interface of apk and client
- All Settings interface can be a on the ESC key to return to the interface
- Provide specialized web for users to download driver
- Support more Android device
- Optimization software of CPU usage
- Show the GPU message on clinet
- Show more hardware information of device

5.1.0 features:
- Android 5.0 (lollipop) support
- Emoji Support, have added more than 100 Emoji
- "Configure Hotspot" can map keystroke on PC to phone click, it is easy to play games
- Reset more reliable connection technology
- WiFi or USB auto connect, when the mobile enter the WiFi service area, automatically search the PC client and connect
- Can quickly reply the message for SMS and missed call
- Turbo mode support for all mobile phones
- Auto enable and auto-set Sigma keyboard, can recover to saved keyboard, display "*" to block the display when password is entered
- Add Samsung device driver support

5.0.0 features:
- Transmission rate ups to 24 fps
- Sigma input satisfies you the need of keyboard typing
- Fn jump to App, access file folder, [Boss Mode], run automation script
- Support synchronous recording MP4 format of video and mixing audio file
- Notification
- File management and transfer
- Audio record connection with line in or Bluetooth
- Can set display mode
- Easily save mobile pictures in 3 formats
- Connection in three ways: USB, WiFi, WiFi Direct
- Hook up to multiple devices
- Automation Script

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